Important Note:
Moving a DocuWare system is a complex process that can be even more difficult in case of different constellations schema of databases, operating systems and DocuWare versions. This process requires a deep technical understanding of DocuWare. Our experience has shown that problems can be caused by errors or inaccuracies during the execution of this process. The move of a DocuWare system to a new server or the move of components of a DocuWare system, as well as problems resulting from the move of the system from one server to another, are therefore not part of our Support Services. If you need support or assistance from DocuWare Support, we can offer this on a time and material basis only. In this case, we recommend that you contact our Professional Services department in advance of such a project by sending an email to  or
This article describes how to migrate the entire DocuWare system incl. the database to a new server.
For a migration of an Internal MySQL database, please check the following KBA-36255.

Migration & Upgrade
If you plan a migration and an upgrade of your system, please follow this instruction:

  1. First you must migrate the existing DocuWare system to the new server. Please install the same DocuWare version on the new server as on the old server. 
    Note: The direct installation of a newer DocuWare version does not work and is not supported! Even with the help of the so-called "Upgrader Tools", you will not get error-free results. So please follow these instructions.
  2. On the new server, you must check the most important functions like search, display, store, ...
  3. After this you can start the upgrade to a newer version of DocuWare.
New machine:
  • Setup and configure the new machine according to the system requirements for the DocuWare version in use
  • Copy the DocuWare Setup from the old server to the new one
  • Copy the license from the old server to the new one
  • Ensure that you use a license file with the same organization name
  • Create any mapped drives required for storage locations
  • Create the DocuWare Service User - please note the following article: KBA-36218
  • If necessary, install the same database server in the new DocuWare server that you use on the old server: 
    Note: The version of the database may be different. Please note the downward compatibility of your database
Old machine:
  1. Stop all DocuWare servers and application pools on the old server.
  2. Use the appropriate applications to create backups of all DocuWare databases:
    2. DWData
    3. DWLogging (optional, if you use it please copy)
    4. DWNotification
    5. DWNotificationBackup (optional, if you use it please copy)
    6. DWWorkflowEngine
The following steps must be done with great care. Once completed, and the Administration program exited, you will not be able to use it again on the current machine. Any mistakes will also stop you from running it on the new machine.
please be advised that DocuWare will no longer run on the existing machine after these steps. Please refer to the following:
  1. The DocuWare Service user name and password from the new machine.
  2. The Machine name of the new machine.
  3. The database user name and password.
  4. A backup of the existing system database -fully verified.
Preparation of database for Migration:
  • Start ONLY the Authentication Server 
  • Start the DocuWare Administration program.
  • Navigate to Data connections > Database connections > Authentication
  • Change the database name only if the database is on the new machine. Do not implement this step if the database server name will not change.

Note: If the database user name and/or password are different on the new server, then change those now as well. Do not test any of these connections  - they will fail
  • Repeat for Content, Logging, Notification and Workflow Engine and apply changes. 
  • Navigate to Fulltext Server Connection > Default Fulltext connection.
  • Change the URL only if the Fulltext server is on the new machine.
  • Alter the Web Settings as required and apply the changes. At this point, the database is prepared. Double check all entries. Select OK to exit Administration Tool.

Installation on New Server:
  • Backup the altered DWSystem database and name it appropriately to differentiate it from the main backup.
  • Import the main backup to the new database.
  • Import the altered DWSystem database and replace the old DWSystem database.
  • Start the setup with the same version that was installed before.
  • When asked choose "Extend an existing DocuWare System".
  • Place the credentials for the new database and follow all instructions.

Install all server roles (Frontend, Backend, Fulltext) as needed. After the installation you will see the newly installed servers and the old servers in the Administration.

Once installation is complete
Before allowing DocuWare to be accessed by users ensure that these steps are carried out:
  • Copy all storage locations for documents and web trays if they exist on the server machine.
  • Copy the full text indexes from the old machine to the new machine (if Fulltext has moved)
  • Copy merge form data from C:\ProgramData\DocuWare\SystemStorage on the old machine to the new machine.
  • Redeploy full text on all file cabinets that are full text enabled using Configurations > File cabinets: Uncheck the full text box, Save, recheck the full text box and save.
  • Repeat the uninstall / reinstall steps on All DocuWare Frontend and Backend servers.
  • If Fulltext is on its own machine then no uninstall/reinstall is required.
  • Test the system.

KBA is applicable for On-premise Organizations ONLY.

Comments (1)
  • I will be moving a v7.3 system to a new server in a month. The database and documents each occupy s separate server. Since the DB is not moving obviously the DB restore is not needed as the changes made will be in the current and future database.

    But what is the purpose of uninstalling and re-installing DocuWare after the move has been made? Is that still required in my case?