What do I have to check before I start a DocuWare Update?

1. Please check the following points before attempting an update of your DocuWare system.

2. The needed logins for an installation are:

  • Administrative Windows user to run the setup initially.
  • Windows user for DocuWare services. The user should have all rights to all DocuWare paths, network paths included. Can be the same as the admin user for the setup.
  • Administrative DocuWare user.
  • Administrative database user (create, delete and edit databases).

3. Check the database versions.

They should all be the same version as your DocuWare system is right now.
If not, please update them, by running the setup of the current DocuWare version, or run the upgraders by hand, if confident.
If the update still yields a different result then expected, please don't hesitate to contact DocuWare Support.

 dwsystem.dworgdbversion  This is the only version from 7.2 on
 dwdata.dwsys  Contains version information only until 7
 dwdata.dwcabinets  Contains version information only in 7 and 7.1
 dwworkflowengine.changesets   Exists only until 7.1, will be deleted in newer versions

4. Please make sure that the DWWorkflowEngine database is present after the update to DocuWare 7.
The database is created during this update and needed for the further updates.
Check the dwworkflowengine.changesets table, to make sure that the database is on the fitting DocuWare version before updating.

5. Please make sure to make a backup of your DocuWare system and your database before attempting an update.

For questions or error analysis, please contact your DocuWare Partner, or the DocuWare Support.
Further information regarding the Update and DocuWare in general can be found at