How do I create and use a select list in DocuWare (7+)?
Please refer to the following below on how to create and use DocuWare select list;
1. Open the Indexing Assistance plugin located on the Configurations page.

2. Click on "New select list," where we will have the option of creating a Fixed or External select list. For more on external and fixed select lists and which may be more beneficial in achieving your professional needs, visit DocuWare Knowledge Center -Select lists.

3. Once your select list has been configured to your desired preference, we can apply it to our index fields. Go to the File Cabinets plugin on the Configurations page, and select the cabinet that contains the index field(s) you wish to configure a select list with. 

4. Go to the Dialog tab. By product design, the select list can be configured with either search or store dialogs. Choose the dialog and click on the index field we wish to enable the select list with. For this example, the Document Type index field will be selected.

5. Towards the bottom of the window, filter through your external and fixed select list, then check off the preferred list and click OK on the bottom right. Once completed, remember to save your changes and your select list will be ready for use.
(Note: Enable the option "The user can only use entries from the select list to set the Field" to restrict all entries for this field. Only entries configured in the designated select list may be entered.)
KBA is applicable to both Cloud and On-premise Organizations.