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Do you mean the scan job has all been stored as one or multiple documents? If so, then you need to edit the documents in question and add pages that way. You will need a documetn editor that allows you to scan new pages in and insert them. Adobe tools offer that, but some of them bury the funcitonality so deep in menus that they are impractical. We use a tool called PDF-XChange that does a very good job of allowing pages to be moved around and new pages to be added (it will even convert Word and Excel documents on the fly as you drag and drop them into an existing document -- very handy).

Is this what you need? The bottom line is that once a document is stored to a file cabinet, the scan job it came from is immaterial. You just need to modify the stored document.



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If you have versioning turned on your can just check it out and staple them together (assuming they are PDF format) or you can just clip them to the front or back of the existing document. Checking out gives you the most choices because you can break it up in the tray and select your page order. The only caviot is that the first page still has to be page 1 when done.

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This function does not even require versioning. It is possible to upload the missing pages to the web basket, then search for the document you want to append the pages to. Right click it and use "clip". this should bring up your web baskets in the lower left corner of your screen and you can drag&drop the missing pages behind the original document from there.


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