How can I avoid using file connections in Autoindex and use an auxiliary file cabinet instead?
This example is valid for on-premises as well as for cloud
A sample semicolon-separated file is used for this example:

1. Create a file connection and use a CSV or text file with separators, use the column identification to make sure the file is usable and correct:

2. Create a new File Cabinet to host the data. This is the point where you have to decide which file columns are really needed. Using only the needed columns is a good additional optimization.

3. Create a scheduled Autoindex to transfer the file data into the newly created File Cabinet:
  • Choose the newly created File Cabinet.
  • Select option Scheduled
  • Select Schedule - Never (Since we only need to run it once)
  • Choose the file connection
  • Add all desired fields as match codes
  • Base the Auto Index on the data source
  • Chose the option to Add new data records to the File Cabinet
The sections Assign Data and Write Back are not used and should stay with the default values.
Note: It is also possible to adapt this initial Autoindex to update the File Cabinet with new data, but this is not in the scope of this how to.

4. Save and Run

Verify the execution and check the number of updated records.
Note: Identical rows from the text file will be imported only once.

5. Open the Web Client and verify the imported data

6. If all is good, you can delete the scheduled Autoindex if not needed anymore.

Connect any Auto Index to the newly populated File Cabinet.

Plan A - Connect to the File Cabinet Database (preferred solution)

Chose “external database” and select “Configure data source“

Select the File Cabinet database.
  • Choose the content server connection
  • Choose Table
  • Find and select the File Cabinet containing the data
  • Verify the correct data.
  • Click OK
Continue setting up the Auto Index to your needs.

Plan B - Connect to the File Cabinet (optional solution)

Note: Choose this only if connecting to the file cabinet is not possible.
Chose “file cabinet database” and press “Configure data source“

Select the File Cabinet

Continue setting up the Auto Index to your needs.