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Hey all,

From another thread I saw Phil's slide presentation about breaking changes in DW 7.0. It all looks fairly straightforward, but I did have two specific questions:

  1. What does it mean that all logging agents have been removed? If I have logging set up to record all manual index changes, are you saying that will no longer work? Are these adequately replaced by audit reporting?

  2. macOS: On the last pages, for "DocuWare web client" it says, "No Desktop Apps". But does the web client still work? You just can't do anything (like editing) that shells out to the OS? And under DocuWare configuration it says "No". If all configuration is done via a browser now, why wouldn't configuration work from a Mac? Are you saying you cannot even administer File Cabinets from a Mac?



Joe Kaufman

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DocuWare 7 now contains a full System Audit function. This should be mentioned somewhere in the document. Basically, full auditing is on by default for the System, Organization, and File Cabinets.

On MacOS you can use the web client, but nothing that invokes or uses a desktop app. So Edit & Send is out.
As far as configurations from a Mac I've not tried it, so if it blocked I guess there is a good reason for it. I would have to ask, as I do not use a Mac given it's limited functionality with DocuWare.


Phil Robson
Senior Director Support Americas

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Yes, auditing is mentioned right in line with logging being turned off, I just wasn't sure if it was meant to act as the replacement and if it provided the same level of functionality (and perhaps more?).

If you could find out about a Mac being able to configure DocuWare, I would be very eager to know the answer. If all configuration has now been made unusable on a Mac-based browser, then that is a step back -- I can configure file cabinets and dialogs via a Mac on 6.11. And I had thought the whole point of getting more and more config options in the browser (away from DW Admin) was so that any client could do more and more. If that was not the goal, I am not sure why there was such a push to HTML5 (other than Silverlight being sub-optimal in a lot of ways...).



Joe Kaufman



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I have a trial cCloud Account which is DW7. I just tried Docuware Configuration from a MAC - and it works just fine. I tried few modules and all worked, both Chrome and Safari. So not to worry.

Publié Thu, 28 Jun 2018 17:35:16 GMT par Joe Kaufman Bell Laboratories Inc Senior System Architect

Josef! Thanks so much! That is great to know!

Nice job, DW engineers! Phil, you might want to change that "No" in your slides to at least "Untested, but probably works." (unless I am not understanding what "DocuWare Configuration:" means in the graphic...). Looks like Macs can do everything except pure desktop tools...



Joe Kaufman



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