• Maybe Autoindex can also help

    Hi Seth,

    you might just want to try Import and Autoindex. Import the files just with the filename and use Autoindex afterwards for indexing the documents.

    In this case 1 csv-file can be used for all documents. The only important part is, that you have the filename somewhere in the csv file.

  • Last access

    Hi Steve,

    you are correct in your assumption. Everytime you want to view the Last Access field (e.g. in index dialog - system entries) you have already accessed it. This means, that everytime your username will be visible.

    This system field is mostly used for some kind of deletion policies. E.g. if a document is not accessed the last 10 years (together with some other filters) the document can be deleted.



  • More complex than it looks

    Hi all,

    thank you for your questions and contribution here. We looked into this in more detail and there are some topics which have to be considered with the total pages.

    It looks like an easy thing to sort the column "Total pages" when it is displayed, but unfortunatly there are some cases where we do not know the number of pages. E.g. if you drag and drop a file to the document tray the initial number which is shown there is "1+". This will change after some time or when the document is viewed. But for some files we are not able to calculate the correct number of pages and then the total pages remain with "1+". 

    Simply ordering a list, which maybe has not the correct data, might lead to confusion. We are currently thinking about solutions to this issue.



  • Probably some workaround needed

    Hi Jason,

    unfortunatly a select list cannot access a web service. You need to have some workaround to use the values from Dynamics NAV.

    A select list can either access a text file or a database table to show the entries, so somehow you need to access the NAV database directly or copy the data from NAV to another database which can be accessed from the DocuWare system. 

    I hope this helps a little bit.



  • Möglich: Ja

    Hallo Herr Eisen,

    theoretisch können Sie sehr viel mit zwei Workflows und einem WebService machen.

    Der Ablauf könnte so aussehen:

    1. Der Workflow wird so definiert, dass er täglich nach dem Auslaufdaum prüft. Für auslaufende Unterweisungen wird dann eine Instanz gestartet.
    2. Diese Instanz schickt dann bestimmte Indexdaten an einen Web Service (das kann nur eine DocID sein, oder auch gleich alle Indexeinträge, die auf dem neuen Dokument benötigt werden.
    3. Der Web Service generiert das Dokument (und holt sich eventuell noch fehlende Informationen über die übermittelte DocID) und legt das Dokument direkt wieder in DocuWare ab.
    4. Ein zweiter Workflow startet für das neue Dokument und schickt das Dokument per Mail an den Mitarbeiter.

    Ob es bereits irgendwo so einen Web Service gibt, kann ich IHnen leider nicht beantworten.

    Viele Grüße

    Tobias Getz



  • Some ideas

    There is currently no tool available from DocuWare that converts text files to PDF files. The only way would be to print them via DocuWare Printer, which is nothing automatic and probably not the way to got when having a lot of files.

    PDF conversion

    However there are a lot of applications available that can do the job and place the PDF file into a folder. For example this cheap utility: http://www.verypdf.com/app/text-to-pdf-converter/index.html.There is also a nice description how to do this from command line: http://www.verypdf.com/wordpress/201107/text-to-pdf-batch-conversion-using-wildcards-1022.html

    Index field

    After the conversion you can setup a DocuWare Import job to import the files. Depending on the structure of the EDI files you then might be able to read out the order number from the content of the PDF (maybe you need to use anchors). If this is not possible (e.g. because the order number is eventually at the end of a line and gets broken up), then you could write the full file name into an index field and then use Workflow Manager to split it into the correct field. Here is a description about this: https://www.docuware.com/forum/english-forums/docuware-questions-about-usage-and-configuration/arithmetic-expression-functions

  • Start trigger


    as file cabinets are mostly used for a lot of different types of documents, we are thinking, that the idea of starting the same workflow for all new documents is not the normal use case. This might be different in your use case but for most of our customers it is not.

    That´s why we decided to not have a generic trigger for all documents.

  • Vielen Dank

    Vielen Dank für den Hinweis. Ich habe das gerade überprüft. Mit der nächsten Version wird auch die Länge von Profilnamen geprüft wie es auch für Dialognamen oder Archivnamen bereits üblich ist.

  • Nummernkreise können nicht zurückgesetzt werden

    Hallo Herr Becher,

    eine der wichtigsten Kriterien der Nummernkreise ist, dass Nummern auf keinen Fall mehrmals vergeben werden. Deshalb können Nummernkreise leider nicht zurückgesetzt werden.

    Ich denke, dass Sie einen neuen Nummernkreis anlegen müssen.

  • Planned

    I am sorry, that you are missing this functionality so much. 
    We are adding the functionality to copy profiles to the next DocuWare release.