• Import and Autoindex should be able to handle that

    An idea without having do write one line of code would be to use DocuWare Import to store the files in DocuWare and Autoindex to index them. You need to have a unique link between the PDF files and the data record in the CSV file.

    With DocuWare Import: The only index entry would be the file name (or maybe the directory name - depends on the exported file structure).

    Afterwards you can use Autoindex to add the index entries from your CSV file to the documents in the file cabinet.

  • Use with caution

    Hi Joe,


    please use the data in the database with caution. Never change anything in there. The database structure is just for internal DocuWare usage and might change with an update even without notice. 


  • Answers to versioning



    I understand your concern about not persisting this setting. Actually displaying the old versions in the same list as the current version was a workaround for not having this version overview mentioned in 3. This (newer) view of all versions for one document is much easier to understand and to use. In a future version we will probably only show the current version in the result list and the previous versions only in this separate view.

  • Answers to versioning

    Hi Joe,

    I tried to answer your questions below in italic.

    1. How efficient is storage for versions? As in, if I have a large document and make one small change, are the versions stored as differential layers as opposed to the whole file being saved multiple times? In other words, is it a bad idea to turn on versioning if the file cabinet is expected to house very large files with lots of changes? EDIT: Did some research on my server and all versions are the full file at the time, both in the database and in the file storage location. So versioning can definitely eat through disk space in a hurry.
      You are right, we store them as individual files.
    2. Is there any sort of "diff" utility to compare versions? Not sure how that would work since most documents are binary, but if I stored, say, text documents, is there a way to "diff" the versions without downloading them and using a diff tool?
      Currently there is no "diff" possible between different versions
    3. Is the only visible web client change related to versioning the "Hide/Show old versions" button in the result list toolbar? Is there any other way to cycle through older versions beside displaying all versions and finding the one you want in the result list (e.g. a navigation tool I am not seeing in the viewer that can cycle through)? I see that Result Lists and Search Dialogs can include the version-related fields, so that is nice.
      Additionally you have the functionality to show all versions in an additional result list. Therefore you use the context menu in the result list and use "Open document history". All versions up to the current one will then be displayed in one list. You should use this list when working with versions. 
    4. Is there a way to make the "Hide/Show old versions" setting remain persistent? I see that every time I do a search it starts in the "hidden" position. If we wanted to always see all versions, it seems like a pain to always have to toggle that button.
      There is no possibility to change the default status. 
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