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We have a client that is stating their Fortis system seemed much faster than their new DocuWare system. They stated that when they open documents it appears to take a bit longer to show it than it did in Fortis. I was just wondering if there are any speed tips or tricks in order to make the system feel faster/smoother? Are there any settings in IIS that could be increased to help with this?



Publicado Wed, 28 Feb 2018 21:43:05 GMT por Joe Kaufman Bell Laboratories Inc No longer there


I hope someone weighs in on this, as any optimizations would be good to hear about.

I also find the DocuWare viewer to be a bit slower, overall, than Fortis. Not to mention, the Fortis viewer allowed common page manipulations (adding, deleting, and moving pages) without needing to shell out to an editor. I do miss that.

But when taken as a whole, folks where I work are liking DocuWare more than Fortis (or at least no longer miss it). Here are some reasons in other areas that DW is more efficient overall:

  • Searching is MUCH faster. No more kludgey query prompts that have to be run through every time one wants to modify the search.
  • DocuWare remembers what queries and windows were up. Fortis always seemed to have trouble with that.
  • Full text implementation in DW is a lot better than the extra pages of keywords Fortis would tack on to create a full-text specification.
  • DocuWare's default scanning mode seems to do a LOT better than Fortis at contrast, etc. We had a lot of black-on-gray parts of documents that would not scan well in Fortis, and users were endlessly messing with scan configurations. All of that is behind us.
  • The way Fortis did auto-ID scripts was really, really convoluted and flaky. I hated setting up new document types or doing any scan sheet modifications because working on Fortis in that regard was like working in a haze of, "Now where do I do that?" DW's Import Configurations aren't exactly child's play, but they feel a lot more straightforward to me (though auto-ID is still sort of stupid if you are scanning a mix of document types).

I'm not trying to sound like a DW salesperson, and as I said, I do think the DW viewer is slower. But taken as a whole, DW is leaps and bounds beyond Fortis. Perhaps framing it that way (using discussion points such as those above) to your end-users/clients would shift the paradigm a bit...

Joe Kaufman

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Definitely I am seeing the same, that most everyone is liking DW much better after they start using it. The only complaints we have had is the slowness. The customer that first stated it had a brand new 2016 server installed and their network is gigabit, so they shouldn't be having issues with the hardware. I am hoping something in IIS or somewhere else could help speed it up a bit. 

Publicado Thu, 01 Mar 2018 02:01:04 GMT por Joe Kaufman Bell Laboratories Inc No longer there


If folks want to do more in-depth work with documents, just have them pull it down. Then everything is as fast as local access allows.

I do wish DW had a way to do a read-only pull down so you didn't have to worry about accidentally making changes, but using a high-powered local PDF editor can work pretty well.

What exactly are folks doing, paging through documents, that they need that to be faster? Could you employ full-text more to help people search better? When it comes down to it -- and I hate to sound like Steve Jobs -- but if people are wading through a lot of pages for some reason, they are probably "doing it wrong".

(Or I am probably not thinking of the busines need you clearly have.  *smile*)


Joe Kaufman

Publicado Thu, 01 Mar 2018 05:43:20 GMT por Gilles Sauvagnat Altexence

I do not know about Fortis but I can confirm that our customers really like DocuWare for its GUI, simple and efficient.

And in general, they like it because it is simple to use and they can get access to any kind of document from anywhere. The way everything is integrated in the same client, store, search, workflow tasks, viewer, ... is also a key element.


Talking about speed, I would recommend first to make some tests using the diagnostic mode available in the client. Tick the "Activate diagnostic mode" in Parameters/General and work with DocuWare.

It can show you if there is a bottleneck and if yes, where it is in the long process triggered to view a document. 

The client PC performance is also important. SSD hard disk for the file server makes also a big difference as opening a document in DocuWare requires a bunch of I/O

Hope it helps


Gilles Sauvagnat


Publicado Thu, 01 Mar 2018 13:44:17 GMT por Phil Robson DocuWare Corporation Senior Director Professional Services, Americas

It is good to hear that our users are generally happy with DocuWare.
To try and clarify the performance difference, we must acknowlege that Fortis is written is C / C++. DocuWare on the other-hand is written purely in .NET C#. 
Fortis loads the document directly in to the Fortis viewer installed on the client. DocuWare has no browser fooptprint and therefore must render each and every page of a document to an image (PNG) on the server and then deliver that to the browser. A Web based thin client will never be able to match a locally installed program for sheer speed.
But of course, what we lose in a little performance we make up for in functionality. :)


Phil Robson
Senior Director Support Americas

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