Tasks before install:

  1. Check the system requirements: 
  2. Download DocuWare software. Please use a download manager (E.g.:
    1. Check the downloaded zip file that is not blocked: Link
    2. Once the software is downloaded please extract somewhere in local drive (not Desktop or My Documents).
    3. Download the DocuWare license for the proper version of DocuWare software.
  3. Critical Windows updates have to be up to date in that machine where DocuWare software will be installed. The latest version of DocuWare is always tested with the latest Windows updates.
  4. Silverlight has to be installed to be able to configure web trays and Smart Connect. You may not install in DocuWare server but it will be a required in the clients (web clients).
  5. Java Runtime Version has to be installed. This is usually provided with the DocuWare software package and it used for DocuWare Fulltext engine. 
  6. Check WMI (Windows Management Instrumentation) services and make sure that they are working (Computer Management - Service & Applications - right click WMI-properties).  This is the service that will interact with windows installer to provide environmental information about the machine.
  7. Widows User Account Control (UAC) and DEP (Data Execution Prevention) can be disabled. Sometimes they cause issues when installing the software.
  8. In Internet Information Services (IIS) check all necessary components are enabled:
    1. What IIS 7 Components (modules) are required for Web Client? Link
  9. You will need the credentials (user-name/passwords) from 3 accounts to be able to install a DocuWare system:
    1. 'Database (user/password)': You will need this account to access the database. If you are using the DocuWare Internal Database it will be created during install. 
    2. 'Windows Account (user/password)': You need this information to be able to install DocuWare services. This account has to have local administrative right; however, it could be a domain account or a local account.
    3. 'DocuWare Account (user/password)': This account will be created during the install.
  10. If you are installaing in an external database make sure ou prepare the database first before installing DocuWare. Link 
  11. The DocuWare server may require a reboot. You or the customer has to be willing to restart the machine when DocuWare installation request for a restart.
  12. Make sure the Windows user has proper rights to install application/programs in that machine.
  13. If IIS 7/8/8.5 is in that machine where you will be installing and it has other webistes hosted, you have to create a new website dedicated for DocuWare system. (Especially if you are installing on a Small Business Server!)

Troubleshooting Guide

  • Setup log files are located in %Programdata%\DocuWare\SetupLogs\, in older versions either in %Allusersprofile%\DocuWare\SetupLogs or %temp% (Where to find DocuWare Logs)
  • If DocuWare services are not starting you can check the Windows Event Viewer under Application logs and see if there are errors (clues).  
  • To check the ports currently been used in that machine use the command: NETSTAT –ANO > C:\PORTS.TXT . This will generate a text file with a list of ports been used in that machine.
  • Windows Firewall and antivirus may cause issues.
  • Some operating systems tends to place a “locked” attribute in the zip file where it copied or moved between machines, therefore, when you extract all files they will have “protected” or “locked” attribute.  Try removing the locked or protected attribute from the zip file first before extracting.