• Import job failures

    A customer reports that many documents fail to be stored into the file cabinet which is the target of an import job. These documents show up in a document tray he has named "Failures". I believe this is just the default tray of the user running the import job. I have asked for more info but it raises some questions.

    How does DocuWare determine when a document fails the import job and should not be stored? Does this only happen for jobs that have file cabinets as a target? Does it only happen if OCR is being used or if there are required fields missing?

    Is there a way to direct documents that fail to import to another tray based on the individual job, if multiple jobs are running on the same machine under the same user?

    Is there any specific documentation available?

  • Clearing out entries in a keyword field

    Due to a workflow error I have many records in a file cabinet with an incorrect entry in a Keyword field. I would like to clear these entries using AutoIndex, but if I write a new value into a Keyword field it is simply added. The original entry remains.

    Does anyone know of a way to remove or change and entry in a Keyword field using AutoIndex?

    Any clues appreciated,
  • Workflow Management Studio

    Does anyone have any experience with, or know of any documentation about, the Workflow Management Studio exe provided in the Power Tools directory? I can open the program and see stuff, but it's clearly above my pay grade. What can this be used for?

  • Workflow Dashboard

    Several versions ago, (maybe as long as 4 years ago?), there was a very handy utility configured as an Excel spreadsheet that had an ODBC connection to the DW database. There were some charts and graphs included that showed the status of all the workflow tasks currently running, who they were assigned to and how long they had been running. It was included in the demo VM.

    Does anyone know if that is still around, if it will work in v7 - 7.2 and where I might get a copy?

  • Updating Index data of document in workflow manager

    In a scenario where all documents entering a workflow are assigned to one user (v7.1) and this user's job is to distribute the work by re-assigning each task, is there a way for me to update an index field of the document with the user name of the re-assignment? This will be before any decisions are made.
  • DocuWare Request v7.2 on premises

    I have a storage location configured for Request files and an export path setup in the workflow server section of the admin tool. However, when trying a Request job I get errors - 

    Request Export "New Request export" was aborted due to an error. Please look into the job summary. Cannot determine Request Lite upload location! Neither storage location nor FTP is available

    I can find no other configuration options that might be required.

    Any clues appreciated,
  • Upgrading from 6 to 7 - Length of file cabinet names

    There is a glitch that I have run into twice now, when upgrading a version 6.9 - 6.12 system to version 7, that has to do with the file cabinet names being longer that 25 characters. God bless the poor guy from tech support who had to dig around in the database renaming all the related tables.

    Is there documentation on this anywhere so that I might be able to fix this problem in advance of starting the upgrade next time?

  • Partner Portal is down

    I am unable to reach the partner portal.  Is it my browser or is it down for everyone?


    An error occurred while processing your request.

  • Full text in v7.2

    In version 7.2, is it necessary to do anything after a change in the full text options in a file cabinet?
    For example, a file cabinet was created and documents stored but the full text option was not checked until some time later.
    Or, a file cabinet had full text checked but the server connection was changed in the admin tool and the file cabinet had to have the full text re-deployed.

    In the version 5 and 6 series it was necessary to initiate a refresh.

    It appears in v7 it is simply a matter of waiting for the full text server to catch up as full text results are not available in the client immediately after such a change.

    Have I got this right?
  • permissions to a document while in workflow

    Is there any documentation that lays out specifically what the rules are when two or more users open a document at the same time? It's a little tricky to test, but it appears there is no obvious 'document locked by user..' or read-only warning in the version 7.1 client or during a workflow activity.