• RE: Search Multiple Cabinets

    Hi Sabino,
    the search on muiltiple file cabinets is relying on the column names of the database, so if your column names differ there is no other way then creating a new field and transferring the data from the old field to the new one.

  • RE: When do .DWX files get created?

    Hi Matthew,
    this sounds like a different problem. dwx files are not accessed during opening a document and are only available for documents that where stored (or index changed) with version 7 and up. Maybe the file which you cannot open is an older document and the file system "lost" the original header file. You might want to open a support case for this.
  • RE: When do .DWX files get created?

    Hi Casey,
    first, dwx files are only created, if the option is enabled for the specific file cabinet.
    Second, the files are created asynchronously, so they are not created directly during storage of a document (like in older versions) but there is only a task created with a low priority and if your system is under load this might take a while until they are created. We would not expect that this takes days, so you might want to investigate this in more detail maybe with a support case.
  • RE: OCR "Find Next"

    Hi Daniel,

    sure, there is a find next. In the viewer toolbar there is a magnifier (which is the search in the document) and a magnifier with an arrow for "Find next".
  • RE: DocuWare 7 System Requirements

    Hi Casey,

    the system requirements can be found in the help portal. Here is a direct link to them: http://help.docuware.com/en/#b57853t55049n87396

  • How is the iPad app working?

    Hi Shaun,

    how is the iPad app downloading documents from DocuWare to the device?

  • Auditing

    Auditing is now part of the DocuWare Configurations since version 7. You can find information on this here.

  • File Cabinet assigned to Document Tray

    Hi Steve,

    it looks like the file cabinet is not assigned to the document tray that the document is placed by DocuWare Printer.

    Please check in document tray configuration which file cabinet is assigned to the tray.

  • not possible

    Hi Jason,

    Integration links are always opened independent from the web client. It is not possible to open them right there.

  • One job should work

    Dear Petar,

    this should all be possible with one Autoindex Job. Autoindex can write to the external database also and set the new field to 1 if the data was assigned to a DocuWare document. In the newer versions (version 7) of Autoindex this is in the tab "Write back".

    With DocuWare version 7 you should maybe think about switching to an event based Autoindex. In this case, there is just a small query executed whenever a new document matches the trigger. The load should be much less, than if you do a complete database query for all relevant data entries.

    I hope this helps.