Table of contents:

  1. Managing workflow rights

  2. Designer

  3. Table

  4. Email in Designer

  5. Activities

  6. Webservice

  7. Task List

  8. On Premise




Managing workflow rights

What can I do with a Workflow license?
How do I grant a new user the rights to edit a workflow?
Which permissions are required for editing a Workflow?
Workflow Message "User no longer have enough rights"
How do I allow or restrict access to a task decision in workflow?
The given system user credentials for workflow [Workflow Name] are invalid.
What Workflow Rights are there and what do they do?
How do I manually assign Workflow User licenses?
Can I give a user rights to see all tasks in a Workflow?
Is it possible to restrict the "Send Request" functionality?
User added to role is not seeing workflow tasks




How to articles

Obtaining list of Users utilizing DocuWare Workflow Designer
Setting up a Round Robin System in a Workflow
How to determine the lowest value in a keyword field using workflow
How to loop through keyword in Workflow Manager
How to configure Tasklist view in Workflow Manager
How to check if a value is a date value in DocuWare Workflow
How to use a Global Workflow Variable in Where-Clause?
How to set Workflow to return correct number of decimal values.


General Information

Accounting for Daylight Savings Time in Workflow (7.8+)
How to update the password of an account running a workflow
Workflow Manager: For how many documents does a scheduled workflow start instances by default? (Ver.7.1+)
How to create a dynamic URL using the Organization Domain Workflow system variable
How to check for duplicate documents in a Workflow
How do I create a global variable in the DocuWare Workflow Designer?
How to flag duplicate documents already stored in the file cabinet
How to get a consecutive number
"There are no global variables to select from" when setting up a Time Delay step in Workflow
How does "list variable" in Workflow Designer work?
Physical print out of Workflow overview
Workflow Designer enable Debug Logging
Workflow Designer does not display workflows
How to export certain File Cabinet workflows from DocuWare Workflow Designer
How to Export/Import a Workflow from DocuWare Workflow Designer
Does unpublishing a workflow stop all active workflow tasks?
How do I continue past a Wait Event workflow activity in DocuWare?
Stop Workflow is greyed out from the Workflow Designer
Workflow process still experiencing errors after publishing new versions


Trigger conditions

Workflows do not start when using Special characters in the specified field
Workflow Manager: For how many documents does a scheduled workflow start instances by default?
Workflow Engine- Can I set a schedule for Workflows to run?
Workflow Manager: How can the operator AND be combined with the operator OR in the trigger conditions?
Why are workflows not triggered / started?
Scheduling Workflows Using the Hijri Calendar (Saudi Arabia)


Designer Config

How to enable Debug logging for Cloud Workflow Designer



Why am I unable to create table workflow fields when setting up a task?
Is it possible for table fields be written into a Workflow or AutoIndex?
How can I pre-fill table data in a workflow task?
How to assign data to a table column using a workflow
Is it possible to increase the maximum number of returned rows in a Workflow?
Differences when using "Prefill table with data from another table" or "Table - All columns" in DocuWare Workflow Designer


Email in Designer

How to change the URL used for Email notifications in a workflow on premise organization
Using Keyword field to send emails in a workflow.
Is it possible to use HTML Format for Emails from the Workflow?
Sending mails via the DocuWare Workflow Manager does not work correctly
Line breaks are ignored in Workflow Manager emails
Emails with attachments exceeding 20MB fail to send due to total size limit reached
Clickable links in email body of workflow notifications




Assign Data

Created Local Data connector and connection configured correctly, however it is not shown in Indexing Assistant or Workflows
How to: Write onto a document (No Merge Form)
Is it possible for DocuWare workflow to write back to an external data source?
Is it possible for to increase the maximum number of returned rows in Workflow?



Splitting behavior when assigning data and pre-filling form fields
How do I use DocuWare Forms with Workflow?
Cannot set PDF Form Fields to DocumentID: [DocID] in FileCabinet: [FileCabinet] FIELD VALUES: [FieldName]: [Value]
How to fill "Area on Document" using a workflow



Why is nothing populating in my User/Role List Variable in my workflow?
How to insert commas with decimal numbers when using a workflow to "Fill area on the document"
How to obtain the last day of the month in DocuWare Workflow
Storing strings containing single quotes to Keyword fields in Workflow
Using dates in workflow conditions
"Assign To" activity is not using the error node when encountering an error.
How can I use arithmetic expressions?
How to use the DateAdd() function in Arithmetic Expressions to manipulate DateTime variables
Are statements setup in a workflow's Condition activity case sensitive?
Check for Partial Value in Condition activity of a Workflow
How to avoid string separation when putting a string in keyword field
(On Premise) Spam protection triggered while iterating through a keyword field in Workflow.
Workflow Engine - Calling Global Variables in VB Script and SQL
Workflow Manager - How to assign data to a User GV from a VBScript Expression
How to use iif-expression in workflow manager
Which VBA expressions can be used in Workflow Manager?
Validate option with VBA in Assign Data task
How to create a workflow which removes leading zeros from a field



Simultaneous processing of multiple requests received
Is it possible to display URL links and task fields using the DocuWare Mobile App?
What do the gold and red flags that appear next to a Workflow task indicate?
No scrollbars in tables after Windows 11 and Firefox update
Disable document locking for Workflow Parallel Tasks
Is it possible to single click a workflow task to open the document?
What is Maintenance Mode in Workflow?
Spinning circle when confirming workflow tasks
Is it possible to hide certain events from the workflow history?
Workflow Manager: What happens to active workflow instances of a user that has been deactivated?
Analysing long loading time on workflow tasks
Where can I find informational resources for using/managing the Invoice Processing Preconfigured Solution?
Using Validation in a Workflow Task to check if a table field is empty
How can I ensure that a field has been entered in a Workflow Task before a user can confirm the decision?


How to articles

How do you delete workflow tasks?
How do I clip documents to a task?
How do I remove a stuck task in the DocuWare Web Client?
How to use the Maintenance Mode
How to properly capture a screenshot of the Workflow history



Is it possible to change the location of a Workflow Stamp?



FAQ: Webservice Activity in Workflow (DocuWare 7.5+)
Dropdown missing for an input parameter during Web Service setup in workflow.
"415 UnsupportedMediaType" when sending GET request containing a body from a Workflow Web Service step
Could not establish trust relationship for the SSL/TLS secure channel [Workflow Web Service]
How to use authentication for my Webservice?
Workflow-Designer Web Services only accessible via HTTPS from 01.11.2018 on
How do I set up a Web Service so that I can use it in the Workflow Manager?
Is it possible for Global Variables to be used within the JSON path when setting up a Web Service Activity?



How to retract a document that has been sent to DocuSign for a signature
Unable to use negative numbers for Position X and Y for DocuSign
How do you set up DocuSign for use with Workflow


Task List

How to configure available functions for a Workflow Task List?
How to access and utilize DocuWare Workflow History for troubleshooting issues
How to Change a Result List used in a Workflow Task
How to open the document history from the workflow tasklist?
Is it possible to sort a Workflow tasklist by multiple columns?
Not possible to sort the workflow tasklist via index values
Error message when changing the index entries in the task list of the Workflow Manager
Message about result list when editing documents in Workflow Manager tasks




Web Client Error

ERROR: "The workflow database connection for the current organization does not exist or you do not have permission to access it."


Task List Error

In Web Client the Tasks tab does not show anything
Why is the message "Restart Workflow Engine Server and try again" displayed?
What's the maximum number of tasks a user can have?
Message: "Restart the Workflow Engine server and try again"


Designer Error

ERROR: "Login failed: Login token expired." When accessing the DocuWare Workflow Designer
Warning: "There is at least one automatic activity with an error exit and the error exit is not connected" when publishing workflow
Valiadation error: No result list selected for task list
Why does Workflow Designer display validation errors?
ERROR: "Critical exception occurred: Couldn't find a compatible Webview2 Runtime installation to host WebViews"
ERROR: "The [Organization Name] organization has no file cabinets assigned to it" when opening the Workflow Designer
Primary key for relation type: User with GUID: 12345-*********-********-********* cannot be found [MSSQL]
Workflow Designer displays message: There was an error while trying to deserialize parameter [...] The maximum string content length quota (524288) has been exceeded while reading XML data.
When publishing a Workflow in Designer the error "The type initializer for '
When the Workflow Designer starts following message is displayed "your login session has expired”
Session expired when publishing Workflow
When you change the trigger condition of a workflow an error occurs
Error while starting the Workflow Designer: "The URL format of the service setting is wrong"
Error message in Workflow Designer: "The definition of connectionId threw an exception"


Instance Error

ERROR: "Execution Timeout Expired" received for a Task during a Workflow
No active users found in activity
ERROR: [#: Destination Table Field: [TableField]] Invalid column name '[Value]' in system activity
Why do I get an error message, that the event threshold has been reached?
How to change the Maximum Event Threshold Limit?
Invalid column name during workflow file cabinet lookup
Invalid local-part at offset 0 from a Workflow Email Send step.
Workflow History does not show all steps
No emails from Workflow Manager module are sent
Is there a limit to how many active instances there can be in a worklflow?
ERROR: "Cannot lock document 'xxx' because it is already locked from another user 'xxx'"


On Premise


WorkFlow Management Studio

Organization not appearing when using the Workflow Management Studio Tool
How to retry workflow tasks using the Workflow Management Studio Tool
Seeing incorrect task counts in a workflow task list


BPS Config

Increase Maximum Number Of Documents Triggered when workflows are on a Schedule.
How to send Workflow Email attachements not as a .zip file
How to change the count of retry attempts of failed tasks
Workflow Manager: What does the entry "SystemActivityLoopTreshold" in "DocuWare.Bpw.Service.exe.config" stand for?
Workflow Manager: What does the entry "WorkflowInstacesPerMinuteTreshold" in "DocuWare.Bpw.Service.exe.config" stand for?
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